Restored – 1967 Suzuki Bearcat B105P

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Post Sale Update: This Bearcat sold for $2,185 after 4 bids on eBay in La Quinta, California.

Suzuki’s Bearcat was a small dual sport that was marketed as a “thrifty swifty” – go anywhere and carry anything for cheap. At 25 miles per hour with the touring sprocket, the Bearcat returned 153 miles per gallon.

Basic specifications include 11 horsepower from the 120cc two-stroke single, a top speed of 38 or 60 depending on the sprocket you selected in the rear, and a dry weight of 194 pounds.

Check out this adorable advertisement for the Bearcat, hosted on

Find this Bearcat for sale in La Quinta, California with an unmet starting bid of $2,500 or a BIN of $2,750 here on eBay.

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