Somehow Street Legal – 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

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4-18-2019 Update: A year later, this H2R is back up for sale with a $5,000 discount. Find it with a BIN of $54,500

Post Listing Update: This crazy H2R did not get any interest at the BIN of $59,500.

Introduced in 2015, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R was an absolute revelation – 300 claimed horsepower thanks to a supercharged motor, a base price of $50k plus, and an insane set of requirements (more on that later) and…no warranty. Kawasaki specifically sold it for closed-course usage only, so it was basically an expensive track day toy. A street legal version called the H2 was also sold, but that had “only” ~200 horsepower and it weighed a hefty 530 pounds. But in front of us today is what the people really wanted – the full bore H2R, somehow with a license plate. Hooray for the registration laws in Florida!

Before Kawasaki sold you a H2R, you’d have to agree to an interesting set of requirements (check out this Cycle World article for the full list).

Some of Kawasaki’s rules were:
1. They would not sell you any H2R parts unless you could prove that you owned a H2R (presumably to prevent H2 owners from trying to upgrade their rides)
2. You were only supposed to use Bridgestone Battlax Racing V01s and you were to put on tire warmers before each use.
3. You could not store the H2R on its side stand, you had to use front and rear stands.
4. My favorite: in addition to regular maintenance, you have to inspect the motor “every 15 hours of engine operation above 8,000 rpm”. The on-board computer actually keeps track of this for you.

This H2R (VIN: JKAZXCPC9FA000046) has 1,500 miles and while the seller says it’s one of a kind there is another street legal H2R in Arizona. Still, one of out two ain’t bad. It’s been given the bare minimum to become legal in Florida, like lighting, street legal tires (Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC), and a horn. It’s said to be in mint condition and it was dyno’d at 321.1 horsepower at the rear wheel! It was on eBay back in March of 2016 and bidding got up to $66,000 without meeting reserve. Unfortunately, the seller says that his health forces a sale, so there’s a 10% reduction for the new BIN value.

Find this street legal H2R for sale in Pompano Beach, Florida with a BIN of $59,500

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