Still In The Crate – 1973 CZ 250 Enduro

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Post Sale Update: This crated CZ sold for $10,400 after 57 bids on eBay.

For 45 years, this CZ has sat in a crate, waiting to be unboxed in a day that I assume will probably never come.

If you want an idea of what it might be like to ride, check out this July 1973 review in Cycle hosted on Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe. The review begins with: “If you are just beginning to ride off-road, the new CZ Enduro is a machine which you might consider. But you shouldn’t. And why not? Because this motorcycle is for enduro experts who can deal with a 279-pound machine which has a rather peaky engine, wide gearbox spreads and high overall gearing.

The seller’s story is that he doesn’t know the full story, which is fair. He acquired it “about 10-12 years ago” on eBay from a seller who acquired it at an estate auction. All metal parts have been in cosmoline and parts like the lights, bars, and gauges are wrapped in thick wax paper. As you can see from the above photo, the cosmoline seems to have done its job, at least on the wheels but there is a little bit of rust on the spokes.

Find this CZ for sale in Louisville, Kentucky with bidding up to $5,450

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