Still New In England – 2003 Bimota V-Due Edizione Finale

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Much has been written about the V-Due and how it ruined Bimota when it was introduced in 1997. By 1999, Bimota was bankrupt after having to allow owners to return their poorly-running bikes (it was the first production fuel injected two-stroke). The Italian firm made some fixes (like ditching the fuel injection) but it was too little, too late. After the company went bankrupt, one of the engineers bought the leftover bikes and spare parts, eventually releasing three versions that had a decent chance at running, culminating with 25 units of the Edizione Finale (Final Edition in Italian).

If you have some time, I highly recommend going to OddBike for a fantastic article covering the V-Due story.

This example has never been registered and still comes with the Certificate of Conformity, as well as a sealed factory workshop manual, spare decals, and evening the mirrors in packaging. The seller states that it’s basically as new and has six miles.

Find this Bimota for sale in Lincoln, United Kingdom with a BIN of approximately $41,800 here on eBay.

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