Stored Since 1986 – 1981 Yamaha XS650 Special

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The Yamaha XS650 was introduced in 1970, though it wasn’t until the end of the decade when Yamaha created a “Special” variant – it featured a teardrop fuel tank, pullback handlebars, and a wider rear tire.

The 654cc engine was good for about 50 horsepower, which was enough for the 450 pound (dry) bike. This example (VIN: 4M4002943) has just 10,527 miles, thanks to the fact that it’s been stored for the last 30 years in a climate controlled environment. The bike was originally purchased in El Paso, Texas in May of 1981. It was put away in 1986, and whoever put in storage drained the gas tank and carbs and put some oil into the spark plug holes. To get the bike back on the road, the bike was recently given two new tires, a new battery, and fresh oil. The master brake cylinder was rebuilt and the carbs were cleaned. The sole flaw seems to be a minor tear along the seam of the seat.

Find this Yammie Special for sale in Apopka, Florida for $3,925 here on Craigslist.

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