Super 8 – 1971 El Burro Minibike

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The full name of this little scoot is actually “El Burro Sand n Sno Bike.” Obviously it would handle pavement with no problems, but the idea was that you could air down the tires to 1-2 psi and the 12-inch wide tires would create enough of a footprint to get around in sand or even on snow.

El Burro was built by Worth Industrial Processing Company of Lexington, Michigan. The first version had a 5 hp motor but that was too slow, so Worth added a 8 hp Briggs & Stratton motor with a centrifugal clutch soon after. The “big” motor was capable of getting El Burro up to 24 miles per hour. For more info on El Burro, check out this article on RideApart.

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This example is claimed to be in perfect condition with a new 8 horsepower motor. Find this El Burro for sale in Sayville, New York with an unmet opening bid of $2,100