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As you might imagine, I am constantly going through motorcycle listings, so I like to pretend that I’ve got some experience in seeing what shops do a good job of offering interesting motorcycles and (often just as important) presenting them well. One of my absolute favorites is Northeast Sportscar of Brooklyn, New York, and I thought it was time to share a little bit more about this Shop You Should Know (SYSK).

BMW R90 Enduro - Left Side

I’ve featured several fantastic bikes from Northeast Sportscar – you may remember these beauties:

1974 BMW R90 Enduro
1976 Kott Motorcycles Honda CB550
1969 BSA Lightning
Honda CB750
And one of my favorite bikes ever featured on Bike-urious – 1975 Honda CR750 Yoshimura LeMans Special

Northeast Sportscar - BSA Lightning

As you can see, Northeast Sportscar sells some great motorcycles. Recently, I decided that I had to know more about this operation, so I got in touch with the proprietor, Angus Dykman.

Northeast Sportscar - Angus Featured

So here’s a little bit about Northeast Sportscar in Angus’ words:

I started this company because I wanted to provide enthusiasts with extremely high quality, interesting, and rare classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I do this because it is my true passion. I’ve sold many classic cars, trucks and motorcycles working at big classic car dealerships over the years and as a result am familiar with and knowledgable about a wide array of machines. While I love European sports and racing cars from the 1950s onwards, I dig all modes of transportation, from 1940s American trucks and 60s British motorcycles to late 80s Japanese Kei cars and titanium bicycles.

Northeast Sportscar - Cockpit

I have recently begun to focus heavily on classic motorcycles. Compared to cars, they can offer equal if not greater excitement, are easy to store and work on, and can appeal to any budget or style. They are an increasingly important sector of the collector motoring world and values have been rising rapidly.

What makes Northeast Sportscar’s listings a joy to peruse are two things – clear but detailed written descriptions and as you’ve hopefully seen from this post, beautiful photos.

Northeast Sportscar - Honda Brat

So check out the Northeast Sportscar website, as well as their store

I’m sure you all want to know more about how someone got into the business and gets to play around with great bikes all day, so expect an interview soon! Update – here’s that interview!