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A motorcycle blog by Greg Shamieh, Rolling Physics Problem is an entertaining site billed as “a thinking persons motorcycle site”. Greg has written for Motorcyclist Magazine, Motorcycle Times, and One Wheel Drive – and more importantly, he regularly commutes on a BMW R90S. That’s my kind of guy.

Greg R90S - Rear

Here’s Two Percent, one of my favorite recent posts:

The process of “what-is-it-on-two-wheels-that-i-like?” will shine a light on your engineering sensibilities, your personality, your sense of aesthetics, your personal economics, the core of you that somehow balances function vs. form, the spiritual vs. the material, the part of you that embraces and envelops a tool and makes it a tranparent part of you — a thing that you operate without having to think.

And if, like me, you’re doing this with an eye towards a bike for one’s precious son, it picks up another dimension. Some accomodation for his aesthetic. Simplicity. Tractability. Ease of use.

And there ain’t a lot of that about.

About 2%, by my estimation.

Plus, I just noticed that there’s a Bike-urious tab in one of his screenshots. Good man!
RPP Screenshot

Click here to check out Rolling Physics Problem, and enjoy!

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