The First Ducati – 1949 Ducati Cucciolo

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The first motorcycle model ever released by the Italian firm, the Ducati Cucciolo was introduced in March 1946 out of the Borgo Panigale factory. One year later they were winning races with Glauco Zitelli at the helm, and a year after that the Cucciolo was being imported into the US.

Cucciolo translates to “puppy”, and the early models (such as this one) were nothing more than a motor and fuel tank designed to be attached to bicycles. It then became a complete frame and motor (the former assembled by Caproni), and the rest is history. The 48cc engine was a 4-stroke unit that was partnered with a 2 speed transmission. The bike weighed just under 100 pounds and was capable of hitting 40 miles per hour.

Typically, the gas tank was mounted above the rear fender, but in this case it’s been mounted to the down tube. The seller doesn’t have much to say about this example, only noting that the frame is from a British company called Royal Crown and that it’s a “collectors item”, which hopefully isn’t a polite way of saying that it doesn’t run.

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