Turbo SuMo – 2009 Yamaha WR250X

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In its stock form, Yamaha’s WR250X is fantastic little runner. The WR is powered by a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 250cc, DOHC single that makes around 26 horses, and with a weight just shy of 300lbs wet, the stock 250 is an extraordinarily nimble machine. So, it’s all the more crazy that one Midwesterner opted to slap a snail onto one.

This 2009 WR has been fitted with a (discontinued) Morgan Performance Fabrication (aka MPFab) Stage 2 Turbo kit with ported housing and PCM unit. Other modifications include a dyno-tuned Power Commander 5, Two Brothers carbon fiber titanium exhaust, K&N filtration, and stainless reusable oil-filter. When I spoke to the seller he told me this example was dyno’d at a whopping 52 horsepower (at 10psi), literally doubling the WR’s stock power output.

The aluminum frame housing the blown thumper has been paired with RaceTech Gold Series suspenders fore and aft, including a custom Eibach spring in the rear. The WR’s spoked wheels were also recently wrapped in brand new Avon rubber. Another fun little touch is the bike’s custom vanity plate which reads “TRBOED”.

Cosmetic changes to this WR include an aftermarket set of black plastics with SuMo-style fender, larger capacity fuel-cell, aftermarket fork guards, Pro Taper YZ high-bend bars capped off with Odi clamp-on grips, aluminum bash-guard, bar-end guards, front and rear spools, and a Tusk radiator cap with built-in temperature gauge. The stock mirrors have been replaced with a single (left-hand) lane-splitter mirror, and the factory turn-signals have also been jettisoned for a 12oClockLabs tail light with integrated indicators out back and Zeta hand guards with integrated signals—resulting in a very tidy setup.

It’s hard to overstate how much I thoroughly dig this Yamaha. Not only does it (IMHO) look markedly better than the stock ’09 WR, but it definitely pulls a hell of a lot harder than its stock, non-forced-induction counterpart. When you consider the going rate for a regular WRX, this 2009 example — which reportedly has around 6,200 miles on the odo — is a pretty sweet deal. The seller also says this bike has never been “dumped”.

There are a few videos on YouTube featuring other blown WR’s in action, such as this one:

It looks like keeping the front wheel on the ground is an active struggle, albeit one I’d openly welcome. Maintaining a forced-induction bike is admittedly a little tricky (if you’re me at least), so there is that, though the good objectively outweighs the bad with this one, making it of my favorite examples I’ve ever featured.

You can find MPFab “TRBOED” 2009 Yamaha WRX250X for sale here on Craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri with a price of $5,500.

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