Ultimate Little Racer – 1996 Honda RS125R

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Post Listing Update: This RS125R was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

There are very few bikes that get riders riled up like Honda’s RS125R. If you’re just looking at displacement, you might struggle to understand why that is. But the many fans of the little racebike tell a story of momentum, agility, and absurd levels of excitement. Want to really learn how to ride on a track? Start with the little GP bike that could.


MSRP was $13,000, though racers at the highest levels would spend another 13 grand in mods by the time they were hitting the track. Wet weight is around 160 pounds and some riders were getting 45 horsepower out of the little two-stroke motor. Here’s a recent tale from Emma Franklin, Production Editor at MCN, who shares why she loves her ’98 RS125 so much:
All these factors combine to make a riding experience that’s just simply out of this world. Full throttle, sixth gear, tucked in, shut off slightly then barrel in; the RS’s lack of mass makes for corner entry and mid-corner velocities that are simply unthinkable on bigger bikes…It doesn’t matter where I’m riding it or for what reason, whether it’s testing, racing or just a trackday, it leaves me trembling for hours afterwards. I’ve been lucky enough to ride a lot of bikes, but nothing, nothing, compares to this.”

This example (VIN: JR01-9610360) was restored “from the ground up” in 2010, but it has not been run since. It has been on display and it gets detailed monthly. According to the seller, everything on the bike was restored, rebuilt, or replaced, and with some fresh premix it’ll start right up. The brake fluid should be flushed as well. The paint is obviously custom, so hopefully you like the scheme. Extras include a carbon fiber pipe and rear tire hugger, Hjelm Motorsports rear sets, and a whole bunch of spare parts:


Find this RS125R for sale in San Diego, California with a BIN of $5,700

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