Unexpected – 2001 Buell Blast Dirt Tracker

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Post-Listing Update: Though the seller claimed it’s worth double the opening bid, apparently no one agreed with him. This listing ended with no bidding at an opening ask of $4,700.

Well…I didn’t see this coming. Someone’s converted a Buell Blast into a dirt tracker!

Buell Blast Dirt Tracker - Front

As most of you know, the Buell Blast was designed as an entry-level motorcycle to get people into the H-D family. With a 500cc single-cylinder engine, the Blast was good for 34 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque. Unique to the Blast (as opposed to the Japanese entry-level competition) was belt drive and the interesting material used for the bodywork: Surlyn, the same stuff used as part of the outer shell on golf-balls. C&J has actually been “sold” to Red Feather, so you may still be able to get one of these frames for another project, if you want.

Buell Blast Dirt Tracker - Left Side

This specific Buell Blast is #3 of the 17 C&J frames produced, but each builder got to do whatever they wanted with the frame, so the bikes are unique. This one has all kinds of extras, like 3 spoke PM wheels, Brembo brakes, Penske rear shock and a 515cc Nallin kit which yields a dyno-verified 46.2 horsepower and 67.56 pound-feet of torque.

Buell Blast Dirt Tracker - Right Rear

Find this Buell Blast in Winchendon, Massachusetts with an opening bid of $4,700

Buell Blast Dirt Tracker - Right Side

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