Vegas Auction Recap

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You may remember that I previewed this years’ auctions from Mecum and from Bonhams in Las Vegas. Well, the results are in and there’s some interesting data points for people that keep track of pricey motorcycles!

Mecum’s big score was a 1952 Vincent C Rapide in the rare Chinese Red tinwork. It sold for $132,500.
Vincent C Rapide - Left Side

The top 10 list from Mecum’s Vegas Auction is as follows (click this link to go to Mecum’s top 10 recap, with photos):
1. 1952 Vincent C Rapide (Lot S59) at $132,500
2. 1918 Henderson 4 Cylinder (Lot F85) at $87,500
3. 1927 BMW R47 Racer (Lot F131) at $80,000
4. 1933 Matchless Silverhawk (Lot S120) at $80,000
5. 1923 Hirsch Berlin (Lot F66) at $76,000
6. 1929 Indian Ace Four (Lot S171) at $75,000
7. 1940 Indian Four Cylinder (Lot S113) at $75,000
8. 1911 Harley-Davidson 7A Single (Lot S115) at $70,000
9. 1914 Thor 14A (Lot S64) at $70,000
10. 1903 Rex Belt Drive (Lot F70) at $66,000

Bonham’s also had their biggest sale with a Vincent, this time a 1950 Vincent C ‘White’ Shadow. It sold for $224,250, making it the most valuable Shadow to ever sell at auction.
Vincent C White Shadow - Left Side

Click here for Bonhams’ press release on their Vegas results. British bikes dominated the list but there was a world record set for the RC30 where one sold for $52,900.
Honda RC30 - Front Right

Special congratulations to Paul D’Orleans (The Vintagent), who added a much-needed dose of motorcycle knowledge to the auction coverage at NBC Sports. Well done, Paul!