Vesco Fairing – 2013 Honda CB1100

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12-6-17 Update: 18 months later, this CB is back up for sale with another 8,000 miles on the odometer. You can find it with a $1,000 discount down to $8,500 or best offer here on ADVRider (registration required). I thought this was interesting but no one commented last time around. Is the fairing too weird? The motor too weak? Asking price too high? What’s the issue with this uniquely modified CB1100?

The CB1100 looks like an evolution of the 70s Honda CB750, which makes this Don Vesco Rabid Transit from 1980 an oddly appropriate modification. Personally, I’ve never found the RT fairings to be aesthetically appealing, (though the name is fantastic). Still, looks are subjective, it definitely adds to the weather protection, and you can’t deny that it makes this bike unique. Now the question is if ‘unique’ equals ‘good’ in this situation.

Honda CB1100 Don Vesco Rabid Transit - Right Side

I’ve been able to spend a little bit of time on the new CB and I think the 2014 and up bikes are fun retro-inspired machines. This example has 14,000 miles, and in addition to the distinctive fairing it’s got several other interesting modifications, like JB Power Magtan magnesium wheels (which save 8 pounds each over the stock units), MIZ seat and tail, JDM black fuel tank/sidecovers/low handlebars, Oxford heated grips, and more. The original parts are included as well if you ever wanted to go stock, but you shouldn’t even be looking at this bike if that’s a consideration! Sell those parts and reduce the effective purchase price instead.

Honda CB1100 Don Vesco Rabid Transit - Cockpit

Find this Vesco fairing equipped CB for sale here on ADVRider (registration required) for $9,500 in Long Island, New York.

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