What Do You Want To Know? 2021 Honda Trail125

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Whether you want to call it the Trail125 (as Honda did) or the CT125, Honda’s iconic mini trail bike is back! It uses the same 125cc motor found in Honda’s miniMOTO lineup (Grom, Monkey, and Super Cub), but Honda wants you to believe that you can ride this just about anywhere. “It’s a machine that’s a blast around town, and even more fun on a dirt road.” I can’t wait to put that to the test!

You know the drill – is there anything you want to know about Honda’s first Trail model in years? Let me know and I’ll do my best to get the answer for you when I attend the US launch this week!

The “Trail” has an interesting history – when Honda first started selling their iconic 50, a dealership in Idaho figured he could make it appeal more to wilderness-loving locals by modifying the bike with knobbies and a huge rear sprocket. Herb’s dealership in a sparsely populated community was outselling dealerships in much larger cities. Honda took the hint and created a production version, and the rest is history.

The Basics:
– $3,899 MSRP (plus a $190 destination charge).
– Available in Glowing Red, a homage to the CT90 and CT110.
– Curb weight of 259 pounds
– 1.4 gallon fuel tank
– 1-channel ABS (front wheel only)
– 124.9cc motor, same as in the Grom and the Monkey. However, it’s got a semiautomatic centrifugal clutch, so there’s no lever, just a foot shifter (same as the Super Cub)
– It has a kickstarter!

Check out what Honda has to say about their newest miniMoto, and then hit me with your questions in the comments below!

And Honda, if you’re listening…I wouldn’t mind an updated version of the S90 with this 125cc motor…

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