XR750 Tribute #2 – 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200

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Post Listing Update: This XR1200 did not get any interest at the opening ask of $7,500.

In 1983, Harley-Davidson tried to make a tribute to the mighty XR750 flat-track from the 70’s by releasing the XR1000, a custom evolution of the original Sportster at the time. 25 years later, HD got the idea of doing another tribute bike, but only for the European market, the XR1200. Reviews were pretty nice and when American riders saw this, they asked for it! So in 2009, Harley-Davidson gave it to them.

A Harley-Davidson 1,200cc engine that made 81hp from factory. Yes, Harley-Davidson managed to create some kind of sport bike, pleasant to ride fast in corners. The XR, which had an internal code name of “Steroid”, was gifted a different tank, new tail section, and two upswept exhaust pipes, that gave the final touches to the flat-track custom. The XR was obviously nothing like a supersport, but was still pretty agile for a big American V-Twin. The story behind the name is interesting too, as the designation XR1200 was owned by a SoCal motorcycle shop called Storz Performance that specialized in the conversion of Sportsters into flat trackers. So HD bought the naming rights and the shop had to use a different name. For more information about the XR1200, please refer to Rider Magazine.

The XR presented here is in great condition showing about 5k miles. The bike has many upgrades like carbon wheels, Storz exhaust, and Screaming Eagle tuner. The seller also has the original signed number plate that was given to clients who pre-ordered the bike back in 2009.

Find this XR1200 in Collegeville, Pennsylvania with an unmet opening bid of $7,500

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