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Post Sale Update: This R100S Exklusiv Sport sold for $4,906 after 24 bids on eBay in Mahomet, Illinois.

The BMW R100S Exklusiv Sport was one of the many examples of BMW throwing a special paint job on the last models in a given run to help with sales. In this case, though, BMW used vinyl stickers for the cosmetic facelift. In addition to the special color scheme, these R100S’ are shinier than the base models, as certain pieces like the fork legs, rocker covers, and final drive have all been polished. Mechanically, these bikes have no differences, but their unique appearance makes them more valuable in the eyes of some collectors.

Some believe that their was a tie in between these bikes and Lufthansa airlines, though that is more urban legend than anything else. Price for one of these brand new was $6,595, and all American versions were created by the sole US importer of the time, Butler and Smith (better known now as Max Hoffman). The special models were built up from regular production bikes, so the basics are still the same – 65 horsepower, 440 pounds, and one of the best fairings to ever be put on a production motorcycle.

This example (VIN: 6165144) has approximately 62,000 miles (but the odometer reads less than half of that) and impressively, just one owner. The listing does a good job breaking down the current condition, which notes that the “left two wheels on the odometer got weird at about 62k, now advancing but reading 30,XXX” and there’s some minor oil leaks. There’s lots of minor cosmetic issues that understandable for the age and mileage, though it’ll be interesting to see how the market responds. This was a rare bike from a cosmetic standpoint, so will the next owner want to do some classic touring as is or is there a restoration in the future? I featured a very nice example back in 2013 that sold for $12,000 on eBay…what will this go for?

Find this R100S for sale in Mahomet, Illinois with bidding up to $4,750

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