Award Winning Sandcast – 1969 Honda CB750

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Post Sale Update: This sandcast CB sold for $25,000 after 1 bid on eBay in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As you probably know, the first 7,414 CB750s were built from sandcast molds before Soichiro Honda switched to a more expensive metal mold because there was clearly enough demand to justify the investment. As you also probably know, these “sandcast” bikes are now trading for crazy money. That trend continues here, with an example that’s won awards at Mid-Ohio, Barber, Santa Fe Concorso and Motorado, and Florida’s Lake Mirror Classic and Ride Into History.

This example (VIN: CB750-1000374) is offered by the second owner, who acquired it from a schoolteacher in Chicago in 1985. He notes that it’s “a rider, not a trailer queen, with 26,040 miles as of the time of listing. By the time of the sale, it may have ≈50 more miles as I ride it every month to keep it running as well as it looks.” The sale includes the original manuals and some “handwritten notes for tune-ups and oil changes by the original owner in the 1970s.” The only non-original parts (ignoring maintenance items) are a transistor ignition system (original points system included) and the Lotus-Roots exhaust as the originals did the common CB750 thing and rusted out.

The seller includes several photos to show the distinctions between a sandcast and non-sandcast, like this one:

Find this sandcast CB750 for sale in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an unmet opening bid of $25,000

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