1940 Indian 440

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Post-Listing Update: This Indian 440 was pulled off eBay due to an ‘error in the listing’.

Possibly the most famous of Indian’s pre-WWII bikes, the Indian 440 introduced the distinctive fenders that have survived even to the most recent revival of the marque. The styling was so distinctive that in 2006, the US Postal Service used the 440 as one of the four motorcycles in a limited custom stamp set. Over a 15 year production run, which ended in ’42, only 10,000 were sold. Part of this was due to the fact that it was quite expensive – a 440 would run you about $1,000 at a time when you could buy an entry-level Chevy for $700.

This bike (VIN: 440 267) was given a full restoration 600 miles ago, and there’s just 6,384 miles on the odometer. Find this Indian 440 for sale in Ashburn, Ontario, Canada with bidding up to a whopping $52,600 and the reserve not yet met