1954 Honda Juno KA

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Post-Sale Update: After 3 bids on eBay, this Juno sold for $16,000.

Built as a competitor to the successful Fuji Rabbit, the Honda Juno was Honda’s first scooter and was intentionally built to be full of features. You got the first electric starter, a full windscreen with an optional sun visor, and was the first use of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) bodywork from Japan.

Honda Juno - Cockpit

You also got some ridiculous styling. I actually almost enjoy it, it’s like they were inspired by Cadillac’s fins of the mid 1950’s. The engine was a 220cc, 9 horsepower single. Unfortunately, this bike was quite unsuccessful for Honda. It was expensive, slow, heavy, and consumers didn’t care for the clutch, which was designed to be similar to a motorcycle. Less than 6,000 were built and the scooter was killed off in less than two years. But look at those fins! And the fender ornament!

Honda Juno - Front Right

This specific Honda Juno actually has had some use, with 10,868 miles. The seller suspect it was restored because it looks good. However, while the engine turns over, they’re selling this as a non-runner, which is frustrating.

Honda Juno - Right Side

Find this Honda Juno for sale in Tsukuba City, Japan with an opening bid of $8,000