1956 Zundapp KS 601 EL

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Post Listing Update: The new asking bid of $15,995 did not get any interest.

2-26-18 Update: Over three years later, reader Rob B has discovered that this rare Zundapp is back up for sale. The last time I featured this bike it did not meet reserve with 3 bids up to $10,400. It has since sold and the new owner has an unmet opening bid ask of $15,995. Find it in DeLand, Florida

The Zundapp KS 601 EL is a very rare bike – estimates suggest just 200 were built. The EL stands for Elastic, and it was a US only model.

Zundapp KS 601 EL - Right Side

The KS601 got lots of positive attention from the press, but Zundapp’s sales couldn’t compete with offerings from BMW. To combat this they expanded to a Sport model (with 34 horsepower, 6 up from the standard) and even offered multiple colors. The press felt that the bike was a better handler than BMWs 600cc twin, but Americans associated Zundapp with sidecar rigs and the KS601 never caught on. Zundapp tried one last effort, the Elastic – it got the Sport engine and a new rear suspension with a swingarm. For more information, check out this write-up from WMOL.

Zundapp KS 601 EL - Cockpit

This specific Zundapp KS 601 EL has 20,000 miles but has recently been completely restored. The frame was powdercoated, the sheet metal repainted, and it has plenty of new parts including the seat, Buchanan spokes, Heidenau tires, and more.

Zundapp KS 601 EL - Left Side

Find this Zundapp KS 601 EL for sale in Moscow, Tennessee with an opening bid of $10,000