1957 Velocette Valiant

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After World War II, Velocette sold the LE (Little Engine), a completely new design that was all about cheap, efficient transportation who wanted individual transportation. An evolution of the LE, this Velocette Valiant was supposed to be a sportier version, with more power, better styling, an extra gear on the transmission, and more.

Velocette Valiant - Front

Power jumped up to 12 horsepower, though it was still considered under powered in its day. Surprisingly, the little 192cc engine is actually a boxer twin, with tiny .625 inch Amal Monoblocs. And though all the spec numbers were small, the price wasn’t. In a time where you could buy a Tiger Cub for $430, the Valiant was $600. Just 1,600 were ever built. For a thorough description of the Valiant, check out this retrospective from Rider Magazine.

Velocette Valiant - Gauges

This specific Velocette Valiant is unfortunately missing the cowling that drapes over the engine as a styling accessory. Instead, you get a giant fairing that reminds me of an uglier Batwing” that you see on Harleys. It was restored 4 years ago and has just 100 miles on it since the work was done. The seller is a little ambitious, which phrases like “tremendous power for only 200cc”, but it’s absolutely a rare and unique bike that you won’t see many else of.

Velocette Valiant - Left Side

Find this Velocette Valiant for sale in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania with an opening bid of $5,300

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