1964 DKW Hummel 115

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Post Sale Update: This DKW – sold for $8,700 after 22 bids on eBay.

In the early 1960s, Zweirad Union was comprised of DKW, Victoria, and Express. The first two companies shared a model that was boringly named either the DKW Type 115 or the Victoria Type 155. Both bikes got a much more interesting nickname from the public: the Tin Banana.

Even in Europe they’re hard to find, but it’s extra difficult to source one in the US as they were never officially imported here. Mechanically, the bike had a 50cc engine that put out 4.2 horsepower. With a 3-speed transmission, this banana could spend all day at 45 miles per hour.

This example (VIN: 1151003642) has 3,511 miles and it looks great thanks to an “older restoration” that “still shows very nicely”. It’s being sold by Throttlestop, and they say that this bike has spent the last decade in a “collection/museum environment”. The sale includes a factory inspection card as well as the owner’s manual, but no reference is made about a US title. Considering the German license plate, I’d cautiously assume that this bike has not been registered in the US yet – hopefully I’m wrong.

Find this DKW for sale in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin with bidding up to $7,900

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