Picture Intermission – Throttlestop’s Motorcycle Museum

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When looking into the lovely Rokon FT340 from a few days ago, I got to learn a little about the seller, a consignment shop called Throttlestop. As they’re in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, I haven’t had the chance to check it out in person yet, but I was surprised to see that they’ve got an impressive museum on site that looks like it’s definitely worth a visit.

If, like me, you can’t go to see the museum in person any time soon, the good news is that they’ve got several photos on their website to tide you over. They’ve got some impressive machines: Kawasaki/Craig Vetter Mystery Ship #5 (like the Rokon, it was acquired at Mecum Las Vegas 2018), a Honda NR750, Triumph Hurricane, Honda CB750F2 Phil Read Replica, and plenty more.

There’s also some cool 360 degree views that you can check out:
Ever seen how Honda covered up the side stand of the NR when it’s tucked up?
In the center of the room
Tucked in between a couple of Nortons

Click here to take a look at the museum’s offerings, or just go visit Throttlestop in person!