1964 Moto Beta XTR 100

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Yes, this is the same Beta that you can get an impressive off-roader from nowadays, but 50 years ago they offered a complete range of small dual-sports and street bikes. The seller calls this a MC 100, but I really think it’s a XTR – any Moto Beta experts out there know for sure?

The XTR was a 100cc XTR scrambler with a retail price of $399 and a 2 stroke single. It also featured “High Western Styled Handlebars”, chrome fenders, a “quickchange rear sprocket”, and lighting so you could ride it on or off-road.

This example has 566 miles on the odometer and it’s said to be all original. The seller notes that it “has spark and compression”, but the holy trinity also requires fuel. I assume that this is the seller’s way of saying it may need some work, and not a cryptic way of saying that it will run once you fill the tank. Either way, find this Moto Beta for sale in Milliken, Colorado for $1,350 here on Facebook Marketplace.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Bob K!

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