Press Release – MotoAmerica Adds Bagger Racing to Laguna Seca

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As you know by now, Laguna Seca has lost World Superbike for 2020. What you may not know yet is how they’re planning on mixing things up. When round six of MotoAmerica comes into town on July 11th, they’re adding a “King of the Baggers” class, sponsored by Drag Specialties.

This is where I pretend that I started a trend when I rode an Indian Chieftain 2-up on Laguna Seca during the Quail Ride in 2017, right?

Per usual, Zack and Ari did it better – they took a Gold Wing and a K1600 on Laguna Seca as part of a comparison a couple of years ago. Skip to 18:00 for the relevant portion:

Check out Cycle News for the full press release, which includes telling quotes such as:

“In all my years of working in the motorcycle industry, I have never been to Laguna Seca,” said Brandon Holstein, owner/builder of The Speed Merchant. “So, I am beyond excited to be going for the first time and being a part of the first-ever Drag Specialties King of the Baggers race.”

Should make for interesting racing, at least? What do you think about this new class?