1966 Allstate 250 Twingle

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Post Sale Update: This Twingle sold for the opening bid of $1,800!

Also known as the Puch 250 SGS, this bike was imported into the US through Sears as the Allstate. It’s also known as the Twingle as it featured an interesting engine design where two pistons shared one combustion chamber.

Allstate 250 Twingle - Tank

The fascinating 248cc engine produced 16.5 horsepower and 18 pound-feet of torque. Only Puch and DKW really pursued the twingle concept. Check out this previously featured DKW Racer (with a great link to more details), or this write-up from Spirit of the Ride for more details on the Puch.

Allstate 250 Twingle - Gauges

This specific Allstate 250 Twingle (VIN: 810.94222) is in good mechanical condition, though there’s some minor dings and chrome pitting like you’d expect with a bike of this vintage. While it does start and run, it was last registered in 1982, which seems odd. I assume it’s had some sort of recent service? It’s a numbers matching example where all parts are claimed to be original.

Allstate 250 Twingle - Right Side

Find this Allstate 250 Twingle for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota with an opening bid of $1,800