1968 Honda CB450 K1

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The K1 CB450 was a one year only bike, and it was the last Honda to rock chrome panels on the gas tank.

Honda CB450 K1 - Vintage Ad

Everyone knows the K0 version, affectionately known as the Black Bomber, but the K1 was sold alongside the K0 in ’68. Most K1s got a seat with white piping and textured black vinyl. For reasons unknown, Honda marketed the K1 as the Hellcat in Canada – I wish the US got the sweet name, too.

Honda CB450 K1 - Right Side

This example (VIN: CB450-3006357) has about 8,000 miles and it looks good thanks to a repaint and rechrome. Note that the exhaust pipe still has a couple of dents but the bike is in good shape otherwise. Find this Honda CB450 K1 for sale in Erie, Colorado with bidding up to $1,968 and the reserve not yet met

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Bob K!

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