Event Recap – 2015 AMCA National in Oley, PA

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Let’s all thank reader David N, who attended this AMCA National and was kind enough to get his thoughts together so we can all see what it was like!

The Antique Motorcycle Club of America held its third national meet this year, as it does every year, in Oley Pennsylvania. This year, it was held on April 24-25, but this particular meet has been ongoing for well over 30 years. Oley has grown to be one of the larger better shows and has a larger swap meet than most all regional bike shows. I try not to miss it.

The problem is, Oley is always held on the same weekend as Spring Carlisle. And Spring Carlisle has grown to become one of the largest classic car shows in the country. Carlisle now surpasses Hershey and also has a huge swap meet. There’s lots of stuff at Carlisle and motorcycles there too, Oh dear me!

Yes, there are plenty of bikes hidden at Spring Carlisle. I’m guessing folks just dust off their old bike with their old car parts, and try to get a nibble from someone with Spring fever, (that’s me). Fall Carlisle is not quite the same, not for bikes anyway, but Spring Carlisle is the bomb!

This Moto Guzzi late V7 made its way to my home from the Carlisle car show but kept me from reaching the Oley Bike show on Thursday.

This Moto Guzzi late V7 made its way to my home from the Carlisle car show but kept me from reaching the Oley Bike show on Thursday.

So this year, I tried to hit both shows but I ended up staying in Carlisle because I got side-tracked there. This old Moto-Guzzi V7 (shown above) sidetracked me. And my friend found a Bultaco Sherpa S. By the time I got to Oley, it was raining, so I missed opening day.

I returned to Oley on Saturday, which used to be a main event day. Then, judging was on Sunday, so most folks stayed at least through early Sunday morning. Now they switched judging to Saturday and most folks bail by early afternoon. I did not know this and I got there at 2:00pm Saturday, too late. By then, half the vendors were gone. That sucked. The moral of the story is, get to Oley Thursday!

The elusive Bobcat Golf Bag Motoscooter, US Patent No. 2908510, published 10/13/59.

The elusive Bobcat Golf Bag Motoscooter, US Patent No. 2908510, published 10/13/59.

This (above) is a Bobcat Golf Bag Moto Scooter, built in the early 60s, these were designed to caddy a golf bag and one person. According to this article in the LA times (http://www.latimes.com/news/la-fi-scooters_bobcat_1960_golf-photo.html) there are just 5 known to survive. I saw two of them, one at Carlisle and another at Oley! This one was at Oley.

Monet Goyon Racer - Right Side
This is a Monet Goyon, of French origin. This model is thought to be a 1936 racer, and yes, it was for sale at Oley.

Peugeot - Left Side
Also of French origin, this 1938 Peugeot at Oley begged for French wine and cheese!

Pannonia - Front Left
At under $1500, this running driving Hungarian Pannonia did not make it to my house but it beckons me still! Someone save it from me!

Zundapp Bella Scooter - Front Left
A Zundapp Bella Scooter left Oley for a new home in someone’s truck!

Harley-Davidson Servicar - Right Side
This 1952 Harley Davidson Servi-car sported many period accessories and an original metal box. It was for sale at $14,500 “or best offer”

Indian Four - Right Side
There is nothing like a real Indian. This 1940 Indian Four has later model telescoping forks but was otherwise ready to go! The owner wanted $58K.

Ace Four - Right Side
Perhaps the coolest bike of the show, I’m thinking this is an Ace Four, maybe one from the late Doc John Patt, but I’m not certain

Ace Four - Left Side
The flip side of the same bike. Check out that weird gear driven widget on the rear hub! What is it, man?

HD Heritage Sidecar - Front
A 1981 HD Heritage Edition shovelhead FLH is rare enough, but I’ve never seen one with a matching edition sidecar. Does the theme lose some of its vintage flavor with a fiberglass rather than metal sidecar?

Excelsior - Left Side
Not to disparage those folks at Hanlon in Minnesota, this is a real Excelsior, said to have won first or second in its class. I don’t know if it’s a Big X or Super X but I love the patina! Honey, step aside, I need to get closer here!

Jawa Trike
A Jawa trike on a trailer harkens here. Let’s take that to the beach!

As the show was winding down, folks said “come to Rhinebeck!’ That’s the AMCA show in New York State. They said it has even more variety there, so my gosh! Let’s go! Let this incomplete report be a bit of a tease, yes there was more to see at Oley and I missed it. So with the tease here, I encourage readers to go to Rhinebeck. The Rhinebeck show is this weekend. I can’t make it. Maybe someone can report on it.

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