Ride to Work Day 2015

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Ride to Work is a non-profit that champions the use of motorcycles (and scooters) for transportation. I’m such a big fan of this as I’ve found that motorcycles in the US are more often treated as a hobby than as a mode of transportation, especially when compared to other countries. Not that I look down on any rider that doesn’t ride daily, but there’s something about riding as a conveyance that I appreciate – plus it helps raise awareness among the non-riding public.


Fair warning – this post is basically a copy of my Ride to Work 2014 post. But Ride to Work is so important that I couldn’t let the annual event go by without reminding you of it! I had a chance to speak with Andy Goldfine, one of the organizers of Ride to Work (and the man behind Aerostich), about what makes this day so important. He filled me in on the history, paraphrased below:

It all started at a road race where Andy found an old Honda homemade cafe among the spectator motorcycles with a tank that said “Work to Ride, Ride to Work”. Inspired by this, Aerostich created stickers and apparel with the same phrase – and it was a T-shirt that prompted editors of Road Rider magazine (the predecessor to MCN) to call for a national ride to work day.

Click here for a more formal history of the organization. My sentiment is that the most important thing to Andy is that Ride to Work Day can (and should) decrease intolerance towards motorcycles. You’re on this site because you love motorcycles (I hope). So go out and ride, my friends. Be an ambassador, share the good word about motorcycles and get other people as addicted as you are. Commuting on a bike can be difficult, especially for those not blessed with the legal ability to lane-split and California sunshine nearly year round. But the challenge is part of the fun. And if you feel like something is getting in your way, here’s Andy’s solutions for the Top Eleven Reasons Not to Ride to Work.

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Interested in Ride to Work? Feel free to donate/support the cause here, or head on over to their website to get more information and see how you can get involved! And no matter if you ride everyday or once a year – I hope you stay safe and have fun.

Thanks for reading.

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