1969 BSA Thunderbolt Bobber

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This BSA custom has been featured across the internet and won a few shows. It was featured in Roland Sands’ “Built for the Ride” event this summer and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Horse Magazine. What do you think about it?

Built by Josh Allison at The Forge, this bike is called Thunderbolt. If you want more information on the build, check out this feature on The Bike Shed.

BSA Thunderbolt Bobber - Left Rear

An incredible amount of this bike is handmade: the frame, tank, oil tank, rear fender, pegs, exhaust, kicker, and bars. Other goodies include a Iron Moto 4″ under spring suspension, custom lights, and the 21″ front wheel. Find this BSA bobber for sale here on Craigslist in Loveland, Colorado for $12,000.

BSA Thunderbolt Bobber - Tank

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