1970 Chair-E-Yacht

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The Chair-E-Yacht got no action at the opening bid of $899.

The cleverly named Chair-E-Yacht was designed to help people in wheelchairs get around town easier. The idea is that you could roll a wheelchair up the ramp, lock yourself in, and then use the ‘yacht’ to navigate smaller streets. It was capable of hitting 15-20mph thanks to what looks to be a 5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton motor, and it seems only about 1,200 were ever built.

Chair-E-Yacht - Other Examples

Unfortunately, the only photo the seller took of the entire vehicle is blurry, so here’s some examples from Nancy Emmert’s page that should give you an idea of how this should look. http://nancyemmert.com/Gil/Wanderings/Spring2011/05_08/05_08.html

From a 1977 article in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance called “Help for the handicapped“:

“An outdoor gasoline-powered vehicle, the Chair-E-Yacht, allows a wheelchair user to drive at about 12 to 15 miles per hour. Write to Chair-E-Yacht, P.O. Box 231, Shoshoni, Wyoming 82649”

Chair-E-Yacht - Engine

This specific Chair-E-Yacht is claimed to run well, though it could use some cosmetic work. It has a reverse gear, cigarette lighter, and electric start.

Chair-E-Yacht - Logo

Find this Chair-E-Yacht for sale in South Point, Ohio with an opening bid of $899

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