1970 Zundapp 100GS ISDT Replica

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Post Sale Update: This Zundapp sold for $7,900 after 30 bids on eBay in Quincy, California.

In the late 60s, Zundapp was having tremendous success at the ISDT with little bikes that emulated David vs. Goliath as they beat Husky 360s and Triumph 650s. As companies often do, Zundapp released a Replica of their 100GS for the public to enjoy.

For more on this little Zundapp, check out this classic test republished in Walneck’s Classic Cycle Trader, in which Cycle magazine calls it “probably the toughest 100 alive.”

Last tagged in the ’90s, this Zundapp (VIN: 6090533) shows just 663 miles on the odometer. It’s being offered by the second owner and it’s claimed to be all original. Find this Zundapp for sale in Quincy, California with bidding up to $2,000