1973 Triumph TR5T Trophy Trail 500

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Post Sale Update: This Trophy Trail did not meet reserve despite 22 bids up to $5,800 on eBay.

The Triumph TR5T Trophy Trail 500 was based on a trials machine designed for off-road use. For just two years (’73-’74), Triumph built the Trophy Trail, also known as the Adventurer, which was fairly successful in competition events such as the ISDT.

Powered by a 498cc four-stroke twin, it was a single-carb version of the usual Triumph engine with a BSA motocross frame. Power was an estimated 30-35 horsepower, though the racebikes were pushing out more than 50. For more information, check out Motorcycle Classics.

This specific Triumph TR5T Trophy Trail 500 (VIN: TR5TKH17006) is said to be 98% stock – the original turn signals were removed and the taillight was replaced with a smaller unit, both changes were made to preserve the lights in case of an off-road drop. The seller does not state if the originals are included. There’s a dent in the tank and some scratches all over the place. There’s a small but unsurprising oil leak, but the oil was recently changed and the tires and battery are new.

The seller claims that it’s easy to start, and he provides a cold start video to back it up:

Find this Trophy Trail for sale in Canoga Park, California with an unmet opening bid of $500 or a BIN of $7,250