1988 BMW K100RS ABS

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Post Listing Update: This BMW did not get any interest at the starting bid of $2,450.

BMW’s RS models are at the origins of the sport-touring segment. RS stands for ‘Reisesport’ that basically means ‘travel sport’. RS models also represent what BMW did the best, innovating and providing motorcyclists the best ride possible. Therefore, these models were often considered as the flagship of the brand and as of today still stand as high performing bikes while being pretty collectible. Following the success of the R100RS in the 70’s, when the Germans decided to put the boxer twin on the side and release their new inline four in 1983, the K100RS had the difficult mission of replacing the R100RS and seducing riders. By 1988, the K100RS was gifted a new safety feature, receiving ABS for its brakes.

The K-series formula was quite interesting. The in-line four engine was positioned lengthwise on its side with head on the left and crank on the right. The Bosch LE-Jetronic injection replaced the carbs of the boxer engine and took the power output of the engine to 90hp. Equipped with two 285mm discs at the front and one 285mm at the rear, both with ABS, the K100RS also knew how to brake with a wet weight of approximately 545lbs. Appearing as the series that killed the boxer at the time, the K-series introduction to BMW and non-BMW clients was not easy. However, years have passed, and Ks have demonstrated high reliability and comfort. For more information about the K100RS, go to Motorcyclist: they call it one of the “sexiest bikes” ever built by BMW.

The BMW K100RS featured in this article (VIN: WB1051306J0044313) is in good condition, showing a little bit more than 58k miles. Everything is claimed to be working with services done regularly. The bike has a new rear brake master cylinder, new valve cover, and crank cover gaskets. An OEM tank bag is also provided. The only visual imperfection can be seen on the right side engine cover, with dents that could be the consequence of a crash. However the right case seems to be in good condition as the bags have been refinished.

Find this K100RS in Washington, New Jersey with an unmet starting bid of $2,450 and a direct sale price of $2,950

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