1974 John Player Norton Commando 850 MKIIA

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11-3-16 Update: I don’t understand why sellers do this, but this has been relisted with an opening bid of $17,499 even though there was no action the last time bidding started $15k. Still, it’s a no reserve auction and the price includes shipping in the CONUS, so if you’re interested in this lovely restoration, find this Norton

Post-Listing Update: This JPN did not get any interest at the opening bid of $15,000.

The Norton Commando might just be the quintessential classic British motorcycle – and the John Player variant is the most collectible of the breed. Starting with a MKIIA 850 model, Norton built a limited number of bikes with bodywork inspired by endurance racers. It might be heresy but I never thought the dual headlights looked good. This example is one of the original 200 JPNs, but it’s got a few non-original parts (unfortunately including the distinctive fairing). Still, it’s a well-documented restoration that should make the new owner very happy.

John Player Norton Commando - Left Side

John Player refers to a tobacco company that sponsored Norton’s 750cc racers with distinctive black/gold and white/red/blue liveries. The replica you see in front of you was based on the 850cc bike, and features the large race fairing protecting low clipons, the lovely single-seat, and a black chrome exhaust. Weighing 475 pounds, the JPN was capable of 115 miles per hour. Want to learn more? Check out a great feature by Motorcycle Classics here.

John Player Norton Commando - Cockpit

This example has 5,209 miles and it looks fantastic. The seller does a great job listing out details of the bike – it’s worth checking out this listing just for that. If only all sellers were like this! The non-original parts are the fairing/brackets, front fender, headlights, seat, airbox, tail light, and one of the mufflers. Find this JPN for sale in Laredo, Texas with an unmet opening bid of $15,000 (no reserve, shipping included in the continental US) or a BIN of $22,500