1974 Rokon RT340

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Post Sale Update: this Rokon sold for the opening bid of $2,600 on eBay in Greenville, Michigan.

The Rokon RT340 was a rare ‘one-wheel’ drive bike featuring an automatic transmission from the company best known for making the go-anywhere Trailbreaker. Because of the transmission, you might suspect it was geared (no pun intended) towards beginners who wanted to learn in the dirt without worrying about shifting, but Rokon built this to compete. It even took 3rd place in the 1975 ISDT.

Rokon used a Sachs 334cc two-stroke single snowmobile engine which was good for 37 horses at the crank, and starting was done with a pull handle! Thanks to the transmission, you just twisted the throttle and off you went – the torque converter engaged at 2,800rpm, and the transmission was designed to keep the engine running around the peak torque area of the powerband at 6,000-6,700 rpm. The thing that would probably throw me off the most? No engine braking. For a wonderful background on this bike with more information, check out this write-up from Rider.

The seller of this example (VIN: R13401044) says that it won a Gold Medal in its class in AHRMA the last time it was out, though he or she doesn’t specify when that was. They note that they’re only selling it due to a back injury that prevents them from riding any more. Extras include larger foot pegs, Barkbusters, Race Tech shocks, an aftermarket clutch (original included), new tires, extra tank, manuals, and a new seat cover. it also has the optional front crash bar, and he/she ominously says that “I’m sure there will be little things that may need attention as there always is with dirt bikes.”

The seller fired it up after sitting for a year and recorded it here:

Find this RT340 for sale in Greenville, Michigan with an unmet opening bid of $2,600 here on eBay.

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