1978 Cosmo Colt

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Cosmopolitan Motors of Hatboro, Pennsylvania closed down earlier this decade, but for a while they had claim to the title of America’s oldest motorcycle distributor. Back in their heyday you could stop by and find bikes from a wide range of smaller Italian manufacturers – many Parillas, Benellis, Capriolos, Garellis, Betas, (and more) featured here on Bike-urious were originally sold out of their shop. In the late 70s, they also offered a series of Italian-built mopeds under the brand name of “Cosmo”.

Period Cosmo ad from Myron’s Mopeds.

According to Myron’s Mopeds, the “Colt” was a top tank moped with a Morini motor in a frame that’s identical to the Baretta Magnum. Colts were built by Piccoli Motori and then shipped to the US.

This Colt is said to run great and be in “generally fantastic shape.” Find it for sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $850 here on Craigslist.

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