Custom MG – “1984” Radical Guzzi V12

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Post Listing Update: This Radical Guzzi did not get any interest at the BIN of $39,900.

Sadly, there’s not a V12 in this bike. But the idea of more “oomph” is still the prevalent concept. The owner of Radical Guzzi (Stefan Bronold) was approached by a customer that wanted a custom V7 with more power. Stefan’s response was to easily get more power with a modern Guzzi motor, then shove it in a Tonti frame and see how he could make it look like the V7. It took two years, but it resulted in a model that Radical calls the V12, and they’ve sold a small amount of examples to Guzzi fans.

The story is well told in this BikeEXIF article, which features a Griso 4-valve motor in a Tonti frame. This example (Frame #: VR11991) was built in 2016 with a California (1,400cc) engine in a 1984 Tonti frame from a 850 T5. Other modifications include ABM handlebars, older Guzzi gearbox (the Cal transmission doesn’t fit in the Tonti frame), Kineo wheels, Beringer brakes, Ohlins forks, HH Race-Tech shocks, and several in-house Radical Guzzi parts like the exhaust, pegs, and wiring loom. Interestingly, the fuel injection was ditched for a pair of Dell’Orto 41mm carbs.

Per the seller, “the bike was recently titled in Colorado, and a thorough service and review of all features was recently completed, making this amazing machine ready to be ridden anywhere. It starts easily, regularly on the first touch of the start button, and idles strong. The engine feels very tight and responsive and it shows great power.

So, what do you think? Does it look like a V7? Does it matter – maybe you think it looks better or worse? Find this Radical Guzzi for sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a BIN of $39,900

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