1978 Puch Sport MKII

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Post Listing Update: This Puch did not meet reserve despite 46 bids up to $1,095 on eBay.

1973 was a bad year for cars but a great year for mopeds. The oil crisis made consumers look at more efficient forms of personal transportation, and companies like Puch benefitted from a lineup full of small mopeds like te Maxi. The Maxi was powered by a 2-stroke engine and it was offered in a variety of popular models.

This model is the Sport MKII, which had front and rear suspension, mag wheels, two-speed transmission, and an extended seat. This example (VIN: 5311204) was “refurbished” by European moped specialists Sunday Morning Motors to “look good and perform even better”. The drivetrain was rebuilt, the engine was modified to add a little power, and everything is said to work like new.

Find this Puch Sport MKII for sale in Mooresville, North Carolina with bidding up to $305 and the reserve not yet met