1984 Tritan A2 Aero Car

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Post Listing Update: This Tritan did not meet reserve despite 29 bids up to $15,350.99 on eBay in Portage, Michigan.

Looks like the seller of the Aero Car project from two weeks ago has another one – but this one runs! As a reminder: the Tritan A2 was notable for having an incredible drag coefficient – just 0.15. Compare that to a period MR2, which had a Cd of 0.35. Amusingly, the only commercial “success” the A2 had was with Domino’s Pizza. The pizza company thought that this had potential as a low cost delivery vehicle, so they ordered 10 examples as a pilot project. Of the 10, it is believed that just 7 survive. You saw #6 two weeks ago, and today we’ve got #7.

The OEM engine is an Israeli-built Savkel (aka Syvaro) 440cc air-cooled rotary motor which was good for 30 horsepower. The engine was paired with a belt-driven auto transmission, and the claimed top speed was 95 miles per hour. The key was the low weight figure of 900 pounds.

This example (VIN: 1T93PR305D1079007) has just 39 miles on it, though the original rotary motor has been replaced by a 30 horsepower Predator engine with a Comet clutch. Per the seller, the fiberglass bodywork and paint has been “reworked” (who knows what that means) and it’s got new windows. The listing includes a trailer (claimed to be 1 of 2 made specifically to haul the Tritan). He’s also got the Domino’s decals if you want to go back to the original look!

Find this Tritan for sale in Portage, Michigan with bidding up to $10,100 and the reserve not yet met

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