1985 Safari 300MT Turbo

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Motor Bike Imports of Pennsauken, New Jersey was founded in 1964, and they created the Safari name to distribute a range of mopeds built by companies in Italy including Rovet and MZV. For the 1978 model year, Safari debuted two new models with top tanks – they were called the 300MT and 400MT, where MT stood for “Motorcycle Tank.” It was a wise decision, as the MT bikes sold much better in the US than their step-through siblings.

The 300MT utilized a Minarelli V1-H engine – the only differene between it and the 400MT was that the 300 got metal fenders while the 400 had plastic ones. Otherwise, both models shared Domino controls and spoked wheels. For more on the Safari, check out Myron’s Mopeds – they note that most Safari mopeds in America were sold in New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida.

This example is said to be in “excellent original condition” and is “fresh out of long term storage.” Thankfully, it’s ready to ride.

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