1995 Suzuki GSX-R750

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Post Listing Update: This Gixxer did not get any interest at the BIN of $3,900.

The Suzuki GSX-R750 was recently added to the list of models going the way of the dinosaurs. 24 years ago, the 1995 model was going through a similar fate. Once, the GSX-R750 was King of the Superbikes. 1995 wasn’t that time, despite a recent update knocking the weight down to 198kg, performance was still just average compared to the competition. It also predates the Suzuki Ram Air Induction (SRAD) system introduced in 1996, which made my 2001 GSX-R750 feel like a rocket ship even in 2015. Now, the GSX-R750 is a legend, having paved the way for a class that Suzuki kept alive long past everyone else.

Somewhere in Wisconsin is this incredibly clean 1995 Suzuki GSX-R750 with 14,600 miles. The bike also remains almost entirely in original condition, having only a D&D pipe. The listing specifies that it works perfectly, and needs nothing. Given the mileage, a valve adjustment may be required in the near future, but the owner seems to take exceptional care of his machine. I would recommend asking for the full story, but it must have been kept in a climate controlled environment for the paint and metal surfaces to remain as clean as they are.

Find this Gixxer for sale in Appleton, Wisconsin with a BIN of $3,900

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