1999 Bimota DB4

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The Bimota DB4 followed the Italian firm’s modus operandi of taking a well established engine from another manufacturer and surrounding it with beautiful Italian bodywork. Using a frame similar to the Bimota Mantra, this successor wasn’t much of a technological advancement. Think of it instead as a moving piece of art.

Bimota DB4 - Left Side

Powered by the 900cc Ducati V-Twin, the Bimota DB4 basically shared an engine with the Ducati 900SS of the time. Bimota ditched the Duc’s fuel injection to instead go with dual 38mm carbs. Producing only 80hp, you’ll never keep up with modern sportkbikes in a straight line, but this bike is more about mid-range torque and older Italian charm. With multi-adjustable Paioli forks and the diagonally-mounted Ohlins rear shock, this was one of the nicest handling bikes you could buy at the time. As a bonus, the relaibility was also a step up from the usual fare from Bimota (which is nice when you had to pay a hefty premium to own one). Half and full fairings were available, though we’ve never seen a DB4 with half fairings in the wild. If you’re extra lucky (and have plenty of money), a DB4c variant was created that crammed every available option from MotoCorse and high compression pistons to create a 944cc screamer that had an original MSRP near $60,000. But you don’t have to worry about that today.

Bimota DB4 - Gauges

This specific Bimota DB4 seems to be quite original and it looks to be in great shape. With less than 2,500 miles, it’s seen a recent service as well as two new tires. You’ll also get an excellent Corse titanium exhaust, and as the seller puts it, “welds to drool over”. Of course, this bike also comes with the factory tri-colore paint scheme, so you can advertise how Italian you are at any time.

Bimota DB4 - Rear

Find this Bimota DB4 for sale here on eBay with a significant opening bid of $10,000 in Junction City, Kansas.

Bimota DB4 - Tank