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Post-Sale Update: The restored example sold for a best offer less than $6,500, and the original example sold for a best offer less than $4,500.

The Suzuki GT750, affectionately known as the Water Buffalo, was the bike that made Suzuki a household name in the United States. The follow-up to a sporty bike, Suzuki surprised (and disappointed) motorcycle magazines by instead marketing this as a sports-tourer. Don’t tell anyone – Suzuki actually changed the intent of this bike because they were having reliability issues with the bigger engine at high rpm’s. Still, the GT750 introduced the world to a few firsts in motorcycling, including the first usage of double disc brakes on a bike, as well as the first two stroke to collect residual gas. But the reason we’re featuring this bike today, is because it was the first modern motorcycle to feature liquid cooling.

Suzuki GT750 - Front Left

Why do we say modern? Well, a company called Scott made two-strokes back in the 20s and 30s that featured liquid cooling, but the technology disappeared until 1972 when the GT750 was introduced. A major revision was done the next model year (’73), and then the bike stayed relatively constant until it was discontinued in 1977. These bikes are one of the rare classics that are reliable enough to be a daily rider. The only thing that requires special attention are the breaker points, so stay aware if you pick one up.

Suzuki GT750 - Gauges

With that in mind, today we bring you two examples of the Water Buffalo. One is relatively stock, the other has just been restored. Feel free to pick your poison. The completely restored option is a 1972 (first-year) model that has spent the last 10 years with the same owner. Lots of parts (including the clutch and transmission) have been rebuilt, and others (like the pistons, rings, etc) have been replaced with new OEM parts. On the other hand, we have an original and unrestored example, which has quite a lot of patina but seems to be in great shape with the exception of an oil leak – it more than likely stems from the water pump.

Suzuki GT750 - Rear

Find the restored 1972 Suzuki GT750 with a BIN price of $6,500 in Oakton, Virginia .

Find the original 1976 Suzuki GT750 with a BIN price of $4,500 in Kingsport, Tennessee .

Suzuki GT750 - Right Side

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