2 Miles – 1975 Norton Commando Interstate

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Post Listing Update: This Commando Interstate was pulled off of eBay “due to an error in the listing.”

As you might be able to tell from the name, the Interstate was a Commando variant which was designed to increase comfort for longer journeys with a 5 gallon tank and a bigger seat. This one hasn’t really served its intended purpose, though, as it has never been ridden.

Per the seller, this bike was “purchased new by an eccentric dentist who bought 7 new Nortons in 1977 when dealers were unloading them.” It was uncrated and never ridden, though the owner apparently fired it up a couple of times a year. It’s covered two miles from getting pushed around over the last 4+ decades. The one flaw seems to be some flaking paint on motor, otherwise it’s in highly impressive cosmetic condition.

Find this never-used Interstate for sale in Saint Louis, Missouri with a BIN of $19,500 or best offer here on eBay.

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