2000 Cagiva Gran Canyon

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Cagiva is an interesting phenomena in the states – they sold poorly, they’ve withdrawn on the US market so dealer support is basically non-existent, and even though they sourced Ducati engines, they never really made the kind of power you’d expect them to. Yet there’s something about these bikes that a niche group of riders finds irresistible, and owners are very passionate about them.


This Cagiva Gran Canyon has the engine from the wonderful Ducati 900SS, though it only pumps out about 70hp in this configuration. They say red is the fastest color, though.


This bike comes kitted with a Givi E45 trunk and a Ferracci chip and pipe.


For varying reasons, including poor original sales and lack of current support, you can pick these bikes up much cheaper than the competition, including the BMW GS or Triumph Tiger. But no matter the price, you can be sure that you’ll be one of very few people with the Cagiva name plastered across your gas tank, and for some, that’s priceless.


Find this Cagiva Gran Canyon here on ADVRider for $4300 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.