2007 Ducati SportClassic GT1000

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4-30-20 Update: Almost a year later, this bike is back up for sale with a hefty discount. The asking price has dropped from $12,500 to $9,000 – is it more appealing to you now? Find it for sale in Phoenix, Arizona for $9,000 here on Craigslist.

Did anyone see the Tron Sequel from 2010? I saw it in the theater with my son in 3D, and I loved it. Then the critics panned it, and the movie ended up being kind of a flop. They even cancelled plans for a follow-up movie. I stand by my original feelings. It’s a fun, if flawed movie. What wasn’t flawed was the motorcycle casting and stunt riding. That Ducati, racing through city streets was awesome. The first thing I did when I got home was Google the make and model, the second thing I did was put it on my “bikes to own one day” list. More recently, the SportClassic made a brief cameo on 2017’s “CHIPs”, which for any motorcycle enthusiast is a must watch. Fun Fact: The said Ducati is actually “CHIPs” star, director, and writer Dax Shepard’s personal bike. He is a certified enthusiast which is captured in Bike-urious’s own Tim Huber’s 2017 interview with Dax for RideApart. You can read the article here.

The Ducati Sport 1000 was part of Ducati’s Sport Classics series of bike that were retro styled. They all had a similar frame that were based off the MH900e which kicked off the series. They also shared the 992cc DS9 engine, which offered up 91 horsepower and 61 pound-feet of torque. The styling, spoked wheels, and air-cooled engine offered the retro, but the three-way adjustable rear shocks, Marelli fuel injection, and Pirelli Phantom rubber gave you some modern aspects, too. This version of the Sport 1000 ran from 2006-2009. There were two variants of it, one with a single seat and a mono rear shock, and the later version with dual rear shocks and a removable cowl that revealed a pillion seat. This later version was called the Biposto.

This 2007 Bipisto is a beautiful example of this very rare bike. By studying the pictures it looks to be in near as perfect condition a 12 year old motorcycle could be. It has also has been used, with 12,000 miles on the clock. These bikes want and need to be ridden. Not much else is divulged by the seller in the post, but maybe they know they don’t need to say much. The bike really does speak for itself.

Find this 2007 Ducati Sport 1000 Biposto for $12,500 in Phoenix Arizona here on Craigslist.

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