2012 Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE

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Post Listing Update: This Griso did not meet reserve despite 6 bids up to $6,000.

When it’s adorned in Tenni Green, the Moto Guzzi Griso is one of the most beautiful motorcycles in modern production. It’s more than a looker – in 2014 Cycle World compared the Indian Scout, Honda CB1100, BMW R9T, and the Griso. Even though the Guzzi had been relatively unchanged for years, it was declared the winner.

CW said, “Which leaves us with the Moto Guzzi. We’ve always liked the Griso, and in this group it really stands out. It undercuts the Beemer by more than $2,200, plus it has better suspension and a more comfortable riding position (unless you are a freakish 6-foot-4). What’s more, it matches the BMW’s power output, carves up mountain roads with authority, and, well, we can’t keep our eyes off it either. Even those editors who didn’t pick the Guzzi as their favorite ranked the Griso right near the top. With its style, performance, comfort, and handling, the Griso is one sweet package. Bella!”

This example (VIN: ZGULSU025CM111461) has 13,500 miles, but only 3,500 of them are on a new motor and transmission that were replaced under warranty. It’s also equipped with a stainless steel Arrow exhaust, ignition remap, and several modifications for sport touring – a custom solo seat, two sets of saddlebags (original and custom), Dart fly screen, GPS mount, and wiring for heated clothing. The seller calls it a “fantastic high speed mountain road consumer or rapid urban commuter“.

Find this Griso for sale in Alhambra, California with bidding up to $5,300 and the reserve not yet met

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