34th Annual Hansen Dam All British Ride

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Every year, the Southern California Norton Owner’s Club hosts a wonderful get together at Hansen Dam. The combined show and ride features decades of classic British iron – and you’re bound to see great bikes from other marques, new and old. We got an invite from a local BMW mechanic friend and couldn’t say no.

As you’ve come to expect interesting bikes from all walks of life from Bike-urious, we figured you’d like to see some of our favorite bikes in this event.  We’ve linked to any bike that we’ve featured in the past, if you want more information on what makes them special!

British Bike SHow 046

Things started off stereotypically British – 40 miles from the event, we started following a Vincent Black Shadow rider who starting leaking oil onto an exhaust pipe, causing a fantastic smoke screen. Thankfully, he was able to fix the issue and we saw him back at the show.

Vincent Black Shadow

British Bike SHow 050

Parking was a little chaotic, but there were classics all over the place. Here’s a bike we’ve been waiting to feature – the Suzuki RE-5, a rotary-engined motorcycle.

British Bike SHow 051

Another RE-5

British Bike SHow 053

Ariel Square Four

Ariel Square Four

British Bike SHow 056

BMW R100RS Last Edition

British Bike SHow 058

Amusing sticker on the ABS pump of a 80’s BMW Flying Brick

British Bike SHow 061

Moto Guzzi V65 SP

Moto Guzzi V65 Lario

British Bike SHow 064

Boss Hoss – featuring a Chevy Small Block 350 V8

Boss Hoss

British Bike SHow 065

Someone felt left out with their Suzuki VX800, so they made it a little more British.

Suzuki VX800

British Bike SHow 069

The tank of a beautiful BSA Lighting.

BSA Lightning

British Bike SHow 081

British Bike SHow 082

ATK 600 turned into a street tracker

British Bike SHow 088

Beautiful Yamaha TZR with the “Rear Straight Exhaust”

British Bike SHow 099

Rickman Metisee with a Matchless engine

British Bike SHow 101

British Bike SHow 104

A duo of Norton Manx’s

British Bike SHow 107

Norton Manx Tachometer

British Bike SHow 109

Our new favorite sidecar setup!

British Bike SHow 114

Incredible Norton Fastback that unfortunately dumped a good amount of oil before the ride and had to stay in the parking lot.

British Bike SHow 120

More of the lovely fastback, with the owner (Barry Weiss from Storage Wars)

British Bike SHow 130

Hindall frame with a 500cc engine – 1 of 2. If this is the bike we’re thinking of, the “other” one was recently auctioned off for over $60,000…more research needed!

British Bike SHow 135

Triumph Thunderbird with the horrible bathtub rear fender.

Triumph Thunderbird

British Bike SHow 137

Honda CX650 Turbo

Honda CX650 Turbo

British Bike SHow 141

Interesting custom BMW – shortbed /5 frame, 1000cc boxer engine, front suspension from the flying brick, and a very nice shade of green to bring it all together.

British Bike SHow 146

Two generations of Cagiva dual sports – the Elefant and the Gran Canyon

Cagiva Gran Canyon

British Bike SHow 152

The joys of owning a Norton Commando. After about 8 kicks, this poor guy needed a quick breather.

Norton Commando

British Bike SHow 153

The joys of a bike show – an Italian superbike right next to a classic Harley.

Ducati Paso

British Bike SHow 155

Someone brought the new Yamaha triple – we expect this to sell like hotcakes and put Triumph on notice with their Speed Triple.

British Bike SHow 156

British Bike SHow 159

For those of you that didn’t know, Norton is back with a modern Commando.

British Bike SHow 163

Possibly our favorite bike here – an old Norton racer. Note the position of the battery in the rear fairing.

British Bike SHow 165

A little reminder for the pilot – down is up when shifting this bike!

British Bike SHow 170

British Bike SHow 173

To be a true bike-urious post, a bike has to be for sale, right? Here you go.

British Bike SHow 182

British Bike SHow 185

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

Moto Guzzi Le Mans

British Bike SHow 187

This Le Mans gets ridden. Good show, ol’ boy!

British Bike SHow 193

A well done event by the SoCal Norton Owners Club

British Bike SHow 207

The LED headlight of the new watercooled BMW R1200GS

British Bike SHow 213

Our buddy from the beginning managed to make it to the show. What a beautiful bike.

British Bike SHow 214

British Bike SHow 218

British Bike SHow 240

We leave you with the owner of Garage Company, Yoshi, and his lovely Rickman Triumph custom.

Unfortunately, we were not able to stay till the end, so we can’t even report to you who won.  Check out the SoCal Norton Owner’s Club website, hopefully they’ll update with winners in the next couple of days.